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Antivirus Firewall Software

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Much before invention of Antivirus Firewall Software we have to buy firewall software, antivirus software, spyware all separately. There was no single package of all these three. Software manufacturers nowadays are making combination packages of this Software which are perfect fit for the small businesses and home systems. Antivirus Firewall Software has three parts. One is that part which may protect your systems from virus entering and also eliminating the existing ones. Another part is stopping information to go out from your system or to your system without your permission from the code written inside Software. And the third part will be spyware which is used to remove and prevent spyware from computer.

Antivirus Software is for preventing and removing the virus from any computer. Firewall software is for preventing hackers from hacking your personal information like your identity and bank account numbers. Spyware software is for protecting your systems from spyware by tracking your movements on internet, both for bad and good. Antivirus Software will scan complete incoming data in the mail, file sharing and Internet downloads. Antivirus program will update itself with new known codes. Virus codes are creative and complex but are written inside the code. Frequent updates are needed for good protection.

Firewall Software will monitor the data packets, altered or corrupted packets info. No packet out of the written software concept will be allowed to enter the system. The software may also prompt asking for data which is not recognized. Firewall Software will keep system safe. Spyware programs are designed for crashing the OS and also tracking internet activity along with gathering the files from system for someone else’s benefit. Thousands of spyware cookies on the computers and systems will decrease the performance of your system. and soon after these spywares are removed systems will start to work with normal speed. So buy Antivirus Firewall Software and protect your system from cyber-attacks.

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